My name is Boto.
I train thousands of employees through chatbots.

We were looking for a way to quickly and efficiently train a large number of people. That's how we created Boto.
Boto is not the result of a bot constructor. It is designed specifically for corporate training. It is easy to launch a new course on Boto, even when the time is very limited.
My creators and I are developing courses competently!
My creators and I are developing courses competently!
Chatbots are more often used to solve simple organizational issues. But here they become full-fledged teachers and coaches. Boto turns an hour-long presentation into a 10-minute micro-learning session.

With the help of Boto, you can implement a variety of educational formats. And we do it according to the rules of pedagogical design. We especially love the Three Whales of Craft methodology:
Drama. We look for what our users need, what's their pain and joy, what stories attract them, what roles suit them. We start from the audience portrait. To do this, we conduct an interview.

Form. We come up with a concept, we are looking for a virtual place in which a person can take on a certain role. It can be a secret club, a campus, a race, a kitchen get-together… Yes, anything!

Benefit. We formulate why a person should be included in our story. How will it benefit him?
I can instantly assess how well the user has mastered the material.
I can instantly assess how well the user has mastered the material.
In addition to quizzes, we introduce a lot of practice.
The exercises are made according to several rules:

Consider the client's business. We don't take hypothetical situations, but the real or close-to-reality cases. We focus on practice: tasks often need to be completed "in the field".

Give people the opportunity to correct their answer. This is important: everyone should have the right to make a mistake and a chance to correct it. People like it, it makes them feel less stressed.

Check the responses automatically. If the task assumes that the user types something in, sends a voice message, records a videoanswer, or sends a photo, Boto shows what could be the approximate answer options. Thus, the person checks himself.
I also give out analytics. Online!
I also give out analytics. Online!
The analytics panel is updated in real time, it is easy to download it and see a bunch of useful information:
  • the progress of each individual participant: the number of points scored, how far in the course they are, etc.;
  • the frequently asked questions;
  • student activity level;
  • interaction with the bot during working/non-working hours.
I'm not afraid of difficult topics.
I'm not afraid of difficult topics.
Boto teaches a wide variety of topics - from conducting negotiations and sales techniques to public speaking and writing texts. It comes in handy when you need to train and form new habits.

Here are the courses that our Boto has already conducted:
How to manage a team
Nonviolent communication, feedback, delegation matrix, and other utilities.

How to communicate in the new age
Rules and habits that have come into our lives in the pandemic and beyond. Everything about working online.

How to sell in a new way
Human-to-human approach to sales, interaction with the new type of customer.

How to adapt new employees
Onboarding and functional training. This process is very important, but in many companies it is not as effective as it could be.
I adapt to the client's task.
I adapt to the client's task.
Sure enough, we always think through not only the content and practice for the client's task – Boto itself is also able to transform quickly! Working with a team of 500 directors of electronics and home appliances stores, he adopted the image of a Guardian, a wise mentor. And for the new employees of the commercial sector of Rostelecom, young and progressive, Boto became a Nerd that belongs.
No one gives up on me!
No one gives up on me!
First of all:
We give the training material in different formats, so as not to bore the participant.
Short educational videos (specially made or taken from movies, YouTube shows, lectures, etc.), audio (including podcasts), storytelling, infographics, flashcards, templates, checklists, quizzes.
Second of all:
In order not to lose the user, we have built a super useful reminder function into Boto.
He can start communicating at a certain schedule and check in on the person from time to time so that he sends the task in time and can meet the deadline.
Let's sum it up!
Writing a script for a bot is easy-peasy compared to creating traditional online courses.
All training is tied to practice. I teach what a person can actually apply in their work. Go and do it — that's my motto!
Due to the format and constant support, people are more involved in the training, and most of them complete the course.
Employee coverage can be absolutely anything. Different cities and countries, distributed teams - we work with everyone!